Corporate Travel

Corporate travelers and managers across the world know that business travel is not only inconvenient and expensive (representing the second largest expense for the average U.S. organization), but its complexities are boundless.  That is why it makes no sense to do it alone. Managers cannot let everyone in their organization do their own thing.  This will result in travel anarchy, not travel management. There has to be a straight-forward, cost effective solution.  So where do travelers and organizations turn for help?

At MacNair Travel Management, we urge organizations to select a single, service-oriented, proactive travel company to obtain the following:

1)  Support- Quality support, advocacy, and relationships to enhance safety, reduce liabilities, and stand up to suppliers

2)  Savings- Extensive rate search tools including Web fares and low-cost carriers, leveraged volume to secure deals, enforced policy for cost-effective selection

3)  Productivity- Well supported call-in and on-line reservations, time-saving change management and data collection

4)  Control- Data collection, procurement process creation, employee tracking, and expense monitoring

We provide these benefits to our customers.  In addition, we recommend an organization like ours who strives to understand your organization, whose team is willing and able to create personal relationships, with worldwide buying power, communication systems, and security.  Our company provides multiple channels for bookings and ticketing, overall program management, and outstanding front-line counselors who are trained to find value solutions from all possible sources.  If you are ready for results, welcome to MacNair Travel Management - Direct Travel, where providing organizations an integrated and coordinated service package is what we’re all about.  We call this Travel Leadership Consulting. We can’t wait to put our tools and efforts to work for your organization!

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