TripCase users may have noticed an email alert (like the one below) notifying travelers that they have not booked a hotel. This alert comes to travelers who have a trip starting in the next 2 weeks and have not yet added a hotel to their itinerary. It is a recent addition to some of the notification emails TripCase sends out.


TripCase does not provide any internal capability or link to an external app or site to book hotels. The hotel search functionality that is in TripCase simply lets a user add information about a hotel booked elsewhere. If a traveler is using a mobile device, there is a “click to call” option, which will connect them with MacNair for any itinerary changes (see below).



Additionally, we have had some of our customers ask about how to disable these notifications. If a particular traveler does not wish to receive the notifications, they can be unsubscribed by clicking on the option located at the bottom of the email.

Users can also stop these alerts within their TripCase profile under Notification Settings. Travelers can uncheck the “Notifications about my trips” option. However, this is not the recommended method. Unchecking that option will also disable other significant notifications such as time and gate changes and cancellations. We recommend using the unsubscribe option located at the bottom of the email, which will only disable the hotel notifications.