GetThere-updateAs many of our customers are aware (and some have already experienced), MacNair is in the process of migrating all of our online booking sites to GetThere’s latest booking platform. As with any software update, there are improvements and a few changes that come along with it. So far, we have moved 70% of our customers’ online booking sites to the new platform and plan to transition all customers by February 15, 2016.

Some of the key new features include a new profile tool, mobile access, enhanced security and additional information/collaboration tabs. The main difference that we want to make travelers aware of is with the new profile tool. There are two different login scenarios: (1) travelers with existing user profiles and (2) travelers creating a new user profile.

1. Travelers with Existing User Profiles. When an organization moves to the new booking tool, login IDs for existing users will remain the same and our Tech Team will import all users into the new system. However, when logging in, the user will be required to enter their ID using all caps; this was not a requirement in the old tool. Once travelers log in, they will be forced to change their password.

2. Travelers with New User Profiles. Any new users will be able to create their own profiles. A corporate ID and password specific to each organization will now be required in order to create a new traveler login; this was added as an extra security measure for the new portal.

A few additional points on the new platform:

  • Once your organization has been migrated over to the new portal, travelers will not have access to the old one. If a traveler tries to log into the old portal, they will receive an error stating that the login/password information cannot be found; it will basically look like the traveler is not in the system.
  • If travelers are having an issue logging into the system, we recommend that they clear their cache and try again.
  • Click here to access a Quick Reference Guide that has been created for the new tool.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.