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The Essential T&E Management Process Guide

The Essential T&E Management Process Guide

Download the T&E Management Process Guide today to ensure your company meets all necessary steps and actions for successful corporate travel.

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12 Key Data Points You Should Be Tracking

Review this checklist for 12 key data points that will put you in a position to get the most out of your managed travel program.

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MacNair benchmarking tool


Travel Management Benchmarking Tool

Fill out the travel benchmarking tool to discover the overall effectiveness and efficiency of your managed travel program.

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Managed Travel Needs Assessment Checklist

A checklist that will guide you to focus on the specific areas that will help you identify your corporate travel needs so you can effectively work with your TMC.

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Workbook: How to Create an Effective Travel & Expense Policy

An effective travel policy can lover costs and enhance productivity and traveler experience. This step-by-step guide will help you build yours.

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Workbook:  Avoid these 8 Common Travel RFP Mistakes

An effective Request for Proposal identifies the best vendor to find solutions to meet organizational goals. Donwload this workbook to create an effective RFP and avoid costly mistakes.

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The Travel Management Diagnostic Scorecard

Is your Travel Management process maximizing your savings, while improving productivity and making this easier?

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eBook: The Secrets of Effective Travel Procurement

Learn how to how to create and manage a succcessful travel program with this step-by-step guide.

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Article: Taming Travel Costs with a Fare AND Fee Approach

The perception is often that by eliminating fees, travel managers will reduce costs. Learn why this is false and about an alternative approach that really saves money.

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Whitepaper: Top Trends to Watch in Travel Management in 2016

Corporate travel programs are more essential than ever. In order to prepare for a successful corporate travel program in 2016, you must look at travel trends and their potential impact on your bottom line.

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Checklist: Ten P's of Effective Travel Management

An effective travel management program can make a huge impact on your organization. Find out if your progam has what it takes!

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Viewpoint Document: 5 Key Reasons Outsourcing Fails and What to Do About It

Learn how to address business productivity outsourcing mistakes and discover ways to leverage outsourcing for improved producitivity and quality, while reducing costs.

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Case Study: Managed Travel Implementation and Transformation for the United Stated Chamber of Commerce

Download the United States Chamber of Commerce case study to see how MacNair helped the USCOC save over $200,000 per year with managed travel.

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5 Key Strategies for CFOs to Take Control of Travel and Expense Management

Whitepaper: 5 Key Strategies for CFOs to Take Control of Travel and Expense Management

Learn 5 travel and expense management strategies that will help CFOs take control of travel to reduce expenses, increase visibility & provide predictability. 

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Webinar: The Flavors of Travel Management - How to Drive Lower Costs While Improving Performance

Learn how to develop a travel management program for your ogranization that helps improve productivity and lower costs.

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Technology Guide: Tools For Travel Management Programs

There are many technologies available for Travel Management Programs. Learn which ones will help you to manage travel for effectively and profitably in this guide.

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