Opportunitites to Assess Within Your Travel Program This Year
As we begin to settle into 2016, in line with our goal to help transform the way your organization approaches travel and your travelers or road warriors experience travel, MacNair Travel Management would like to bring your attention some opportunities to assess within your travel program. This is information that our team feels could be impactful in the travel landscape along with items pulled from our 2016 Trends in Travel Management for the SME Marketplace Whitepaper, which you should check out for further insights on what to expect this year. We have these systems and services in place, so if you have any questions or would like more information place let us know.

Disruption Management. Flight schedule changes, supplier notification or requirements, seat changes, potential travel changes (delays, cancellations) and security threats and more, are items that come to us and are considered by us each and every day by the thousands. The challenge (like email) is how to stay ahead of these disruptions and then sort out what is junk, and then identify the most important and impactful disruptions and how to communicate these to travelers and travel managers. Various TMC's have opposing standards and technologies. We are happy to report that we have the best in class standards, training, and technology that allows our team to provide quick and efficient service. 

Payment Systems. Payment systems are providing insurance, rewards, data security, and operational efficiency benefits that many SMEs are not currently considering as they let travelers utilize their own cards for payment. Five years ago this entire conversation revolved around using a combination of individual and ghost corporate cards to serve the needs of the organization. These days we have added virtual payment systems to the mix. Virtual payment allows the organization to more easily pre-pay air, hotel and car for a traveler for a specific trip in a cost effective and secure way. There are many suppliers getting into this game and, as a result, a growing number of our customers are leveraging these opportunities to create the right system for their business plan.

Online Tool Enhancements. As you may know, we offer the top two corporate online booking tools - GetThere and Concur. These online tools are best in class and continue to undergo improvements and upgrades. We have implemented these upgrades and your team will notice them. They include an ever improving capability for use in the mobile environment, automated pre trip approval, improved security, tiered policies, ground transportation booking options, continued enhancements to the tracking and use of unused non refundable tickets, and expense integration options. If you would like to talk more about improvements on how you use these tools, leveraging policies and procedures to mange staff and non-staff travel alike, or would like to see one of these tools, please let us know. We are happy to show the differences. 

Automated Pre Trip Authorization. We manually work to secure approval for out of policy travel requests. The Concur booking tool has automated pre trip approval built in. For our GetThere users and call in travelers, we offer an added tool (Trondent) to provide automated pre trip approvals. As more of our bookings move to online, this tool has becomes more popular.

Ancillary Fees. We are predicting that ancillary fees will continue to rise this year. Paid seats, baggage costs and changes to existing reservations are the places where the airlines are making the most money these days. A myriad of ancillary fees for air, hotel, and car must be addressed as suppliers continue to commoditize their base pricing, and offer up more options to personalize the reservation in ways that are often not addressed and drive up costs and make more complex expense reconciliation. The good news is that automating travel and expense together can ensure more transparency in what is being spent and by whom. This is a great place to start to develop your strategies. You will also want to make sure that you address these items more specifically in your travel policy. Our Travel Policy Workbook is a great place to start. 

Mobile Travel Application Improvements. In addition to GetThere and Concur mobile applications, TripCase and TripIt itinerary management tools continue to provide a great mobile service enhancement to our customers. We have worked to improve these tools internally and with these suppliers. If your travelers aren't leveraging the capabilities of these tools, then there may be a training opportunity. These tools can also be upgraded to capture more than what you book with us to ensure a bigger and better understanding of your overall spend.

Groups, Events and Meetings Enhancements. Our Meeting Management team and tools continue to improve for everything from group air, to meeting management, hotel room block negotiations, incentives, and even leisure groups. Ask us for more details on how we can help make you next event more successful and impactful at a better value.

As you can see there is a lot to talk about. If we can improve your systems or our offerings in any way, please let us know.

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