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January 2012
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US Airways Adds New Market Out of Washington Reagan National Airport

US Airways has loaded many new flights from Washington Reagan National Airport beginning March 25th as listed below.

  • Nonstop, daily flights to Birmingham, Ala.; Fayetteville, N.C.; Islip, N.Y.; Little Rock, Ark.; Jacksonville, N.C.; Pensacola, Fla.; Tallahassee, Fla. and Ft. Walton Beach, Fla. These destinations currently have no existing service from Reagan National
  • New service will also be added to Memphis, Tenn.; Omaha, Neb. and Ottawa, Ontario. These communities are currently served by other carriers at Reagan National.
  • Daily flights will be added to Bangor, Maine and Savannah, Ga., which use US Airways currently serves on weekends.

(Source: US Airways Press Release)

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Delta Will Increase Flights out of LaGuardia by 60%

Delta Air Lines will expand service out of LaGuardia Airport in New York. The carrier plans to add more than 100 flights to 29 destinations, increasing its total flights by more than 60%.

(Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution/The Associated Press, Travel Pulse)

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MacNair Travel Webinar: Travel Insights and Updates

Please join us for a free webinar on Thursday, February 23 from 12:00 to 1:00PM EST, entitled "2012 Travel Insights and Updates" by Mike MacNair, President and CEO of MacNair Travel Management. Please register here. Webinar and login information will be sent prior to the event.

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Column: 2012 Will be "Less Frustrating" Year for Travel

Next year will bring innovation to the friendly skies for air travel, columnist Brett Snyder says. Airlines will increase mobile offerings as consumers make more reservations on mobile devices such as tablet computers and smartphones. Airlines may also start bundling fees in packages. "I actually think flying will be less frustrating next year and here's hoping all of your journeys are smooth in 2012," Snyder writes. In Flight Wi-Fi including MacNair's exclusive discount with Gogo, and the TSA's PreCheck program will make travel easier. "People are beginning to work around complexities in travel and new technologies are helping make travel easier," said Michael MacNair, President and CEO of MacNair Travel. "Customers have a greater understanding of fees so there is less confusion about added costs in travel."

(Source: CNN)

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EU Emissions Trading Scheme Could Increase Fares to Europe

The European Union's emissions-trading scheme, scheduled to take effect January 1, could raise airfares in Europe. Airlines for America (A4A) said U.S. airline carriers plan to "comply under protest" while the organization reviews legal options. A4A estimates the scheme could cost U.S. airlines $3.1 billion from 2012 through 2020, and the costs could be passed onto passengers.

(Source: Reuters)

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United Continental Will Steam Ahead in 2012 with Merger

United Continental will continue to make progress in 2012 on its merger. The carrier plans to unite its computer reservation systems this year and create labor contracts with multiple unions. "We have a lot of work ahead of us, but we're moving along and making great progress," said United Executive Vice President Jim Compton. "From a customer point of view, I know it will be netter." United Continental will also merge its reservation system making it easy to book the carrier.

(Source: Chicago Tribune)

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Survey Indicates in Increased Travel Spending in 2012

The 2012 Annual Travel Trends Survey by Travel Leaders show that more than 91% of member agencies expect travel spending by clients next year to be the same or increase from that of 2011. "Additionally, majorities of our surveyed travel agents indicate there's an increase in interest and bookings for small-ship cruising, off-the-beaten path travel and international family travel," said Roger E. Block, President of Travel Leaders Franchise Group. Trending destinations include London, Barcelona, Hong Kong and Amsterdam, the survey found.

(Source: Travel Agent Central, Travel Weekly)

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Luxury Hotel Expansions in 2012

Hilton Worldwide is working to expand its portfolio of luxury properties under its Waldorf Astoria and Conrad brands in the North America market. The company's growth strategy involves acquisitions and conversions of existing properties in key markets such as Los Angeles, San Francisco and Boston, while banking on the name power of the Conrad and Waldorf Astoria brands to attract guests. Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts is looking to take advantage of a promising global hotel environment to push forward with its international expansion efforts, which include about 50 projects in the pipeline. The company is focusing on obtaining management contracts in China, Latin America and India, among other regions.

(Source: HotelNewsNow.com)

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TSA's PreCheck Adds United Continental and Las Vegas

Elite travelers with United Continental will have the opportunity to move more quickly through airport security, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Chief John Pistole says. Delta Airlines and American Airlines already participate in the program, which allows participants who have provided personal information and flight history to often keep their shoes and coats on at screening stations. The TSA also expanded its PreCheck program to McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas. The program is being tested at other airports. "I am encouraged by the positive passenger feedback and early results from this risk-based security initiative, and look forward to working with our airline and airport partners as we continue expanding and testing this concept," Pistole said. The program allows travelers to volunteer personal information in exchange for the possibility of expedited screening.

(Source: The Hill/Transportation blog, KVVU-TV (Las Vegas), Bloomberg Business Week)

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Some New Rules for Fee Disclosure Going Into Effect on January 26th While Others Will be Delayed

The Department of Transportation (DOT) haws refused to give the airlines an extra year of lead time to comply with two new regulations about the disclosure of baggage fees and allowances. However, DOT said it will be lenient in the enforcement of the new rules until airlines can modify their reservations and check-in systems to comply. The first rule requires that airlines disclose, in online receipts and e-ticket confirmations, the specific fees and allowances that apply to the particular itinerary for carry on items and the first and second checked bag, including information on how the fees are affected by the traveler's frequent flyer-status, affinity care usage or other circumstances. The second rule stipulates that the baggage allowances and fees on multi-carrier itineraries must be the same throughout, governed by the first carrier on the itinerary or, in the case of codeshares, the marketing carrier whose code is displayed. Airlines begged DOT to delay the new regulations due to numerous technical reasons. For example, may widely used airport check-in systems cannot access information about previous carriers on an itinerary in order to apply their baggage policies and fees.

In an order issued late last week the DOT acknowledged that technical hurdles remain, but refused to change the effective date. It said carriers have already had many months to program their systems to comply, and passengers deserve the protection that the rules are intended to provide. According to the DOT, it should be no problem for airlines to apply the two rules to their own itineraries and to connecting itineraries that involve regional affiliates or alliance partners. As for the other types of itineraries, the DOT said it will suspend enforcement of the rule for six months on interline itineraries and international codeshares if two conditions are met. First, carriers must provide a link on the e-ticket confirmation to websites of codeshares or interline partners, where passengers can find the applicable baggage allowance and fee information. Second, carriers must reimburse passengers upon request if the airlines' failure to apply the same fees throughout an itinerary results in overcharge.

The DOT will suspend enforcement of another provision of the new rules that prohibits airlines from increasing the prices of ancillary services after the passenger purchases a ticket. This provision is under review by the U.S. Court of Appeals because come airlines claim the DOT lacks the authority and/or justification to freeze prices for services such as meals and Wi-Fi at the rates in effect when the passenger books, if these items are not purchased with the ticket. The DOT said in a recent advisory that it has decided to "revisit" the issue and will suspend enforcement, except with respect to baggage fees, pending a new rulemaking on the matter. The bottom line is that effective January 26, a passenger's baggage fees will be those in effect on the date the ticket was purchased, but the fees for other ancillary services will be those in effect at the time the services are purchased.

(Source: Travel Weekly)

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Travelers are Spending More for Flights than Lodging, Study Shows

A study by American Express Business Insights reveals travelers are willing to spend more for flights than lodging. Industry analysts attribute this trend to an improvement in budget-hotel amenities and a desire to avoid a negative flying experience by paying more. "It really speaks to the fact that [consumers are] so concerned about the airline experience that they're willing to make the trade-off," said Maryam Wehe, a vice president at Applied Predictive Technologies.

(Source: USA Today)

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Vacation Hotspots by Diana Greer, Personal Travel Consultant


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