Groups and Meetings Management

For the average organization, group and meeting travel accounts for 35% of all T&E expenditures.  Analysis from industry associations shows that implementing a comprehensive strategic meeting management program along with their travel management program can reduce these costs by 15% to 25% a year, while more fully leveraging technologies, operational systems, support staff, and preferred suppliers for enhanced productivity, control and support. Customers that utilize our services for these requirements come in a variety of forms. They are corporations who hold board meetings and incentives that they seek to outsource to us, they are membership organizations who require group air support, student group organizations who use us for a variety of components of their events, or they are meeting management companies who require air, hotel, and/or group travel arrangement support and data.

Our Services Include:

Group Air Travel Arrangements
  • Locate lowest available rates including meeting, low cost carrier and web fares.
  • Negotiate and manage group and meeting contracts with suppliers.
  • Book travel for profiled and non-profiled travelers.
  • Manage authorization lists and processes.
Online Event
  • Build online registration website including registration, housing and transportation.
Management System
  • Provide dedicated telephone line, email and support teams for customer service.
  • Arrival and departure lists.
  • Detailed rooming lists.
  • Staff productivity tickets earned for air and cars.
  • Expense reconciliation and customized reports (iBank).
Ground Transportation
  • Coordinate all ground transportation needs including airport transfers, point-to-point transfers and even creative modes of transportation.
Housing/ Hotel Arrangements
  • Negotiate special group rates, as well as contract terms and conditions.
  • Manage hotel contracts.
  • Integrate with housing partners and technology.
International Capabilities
  • Extensive list of supplier contacts and contracts.
  • Assist with passports and visas.
  • Assure compliance of Fly America guidelines.
Pre- & Post-Trip Excursions and Cruises
  • Create and design unique excursions and cruises before and after conferences.
Site Selection
  • Create effective requests for proposals to ensure the best value.
  • Suggest alternative venues based on budget requirements and accessibility.

MacNair Travel has garnered effective experience and a solid reputation handling group project work for national presidential campaigns, student groups, contractor group movements, and corporate and association groups, inbound and outbound worldwide.  

Online Event Manangement Tools

MacNair Travel's Meetingport solutions can now offer you online event management via signup4 and/or GetThere's DirectMeetings technology. These are powerful, one-stop solution for corporate meeting planning that enables you to reduce costs, accurately track and analyze spend, and significantly reduce the time and complexity associated with facilitating the logistics at your event so you can focus on satisfaction, content and attendence.

Realize Significant Benefits

  • Save Money - Immediately save 25% to 50% by analyzing how location affects cost.
  • Increase Productivity - Dramatically reduce the time and complexity associated with meeting planning.
  • Track Spending - Gather crucial data to analyze meeting related spending, including estimated and actual costs.
  • Increase Compliance - Enforce corporate meeting and travel policies.
  • Integrate Travel - Invitees can book flights in accordance with your company or meeting travel policy and you can run real time reports on their bookings.
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