Welcome back to InFlight. This month we discuss safety precautions and airline benefits.
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Welcome back to InFlight. This month we're talking about how to handle and overcome travel disruptions. With the safety of your traveller in mind, MacNair implements tools to ensure you're prepared for the worst.

Winter Storm Jonas affected many of your travelers last weekend – in fact we had a portion of our staff in D.C. for a meeting and we had agents work extended hours on Sunday to provide additional assistance, so we felt the impact ourselves. This is just a reminder of how important it is to a good travel disruption system in place.

A disruption that made headlines this month- specific state IDs may be denied for flight. Is this true? Find out below and as always - contact us with any questions.

We continue to add new tools to our website. Please visit often to get the most up-to-date information to help you manage your travel program effectively and efficiently.

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6 Actions to Take to Avoid Travel Disruptions & Safety Issues to Start 2016

Delayed_Flight.jpgWinter is upon and us and the world doesn’t seem like its getting any safer. The travel system can be easily impacted in a significant way by disruptions like we have seen over the past few months. Those who are prepared will remain as safe as possible and will avoid hassles where possible. Looking forward into the first quarter, here is what you need to know and do to ensure your travelers avoid any disruptions that may come their way:

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The Truth About the "Real ID" Threat

The Truth About the "Real ID" ThreatYou or one of your travelers have a domestic trip planned over the next few weeks, but do you have your passport ready? The headlines would have you believe that you will be denied access to your flight with just a driver’s license. However, as MacNair reported on our blog at the beginning of the month, you shouldn’t believe the hype.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has extended the rule change for Real IDs (identification that adhere’s to new guidelines put in place by the Real ID Act ten years ago) until 2018 according to the Huffington Post. DHS has confirmed that driver’s licenses issued from any state will be accepted as a valid form ID for travel within the United States. They also promised to give travelers 120 days notice when they are ready to have TSA enforce the rule.

United Airlines Offers Extra Perks for Travelers in Economy Plus


United offers new bundles for those who want to purchase extra perks when purchasing the Economy Plus seating. There are two new bundled packages that offer combined perks travelers can choose from, the packages are “Economy Plus Essentials” and “Economy Plus Enhanced.” The “Economy Plus Essentials” bundle offers the traveler the Economy Plus seating and includes and extra standard checked bag. The “Economy Plus Enhanced” bundle offers Premier Access, a United Club trip pass, and extra award miles, and the perks associated with the “Economy Plus Essentials” bundle. This benefits travelers who want the extra perks, but are not frequent travelers.

For more information on these new bundles, click here.

From The Travel Leadership Blog

Corporate Travel Mistakes: The Silent Bottom Line Killer


It’s the start of a new year, and inevitably, everyone wants to start the year off right with a new exercise regimen or a renewed commitment of healthy eating. What about a resolution to avoid mistakes that can negatively affect your corporate travel program?

Often, the corporate travel mistakes that are made by businesses are the result of an unmanaged or undermanaged travel program…and these mistakes negatively impact a business’ bottom line. Because specific items aren’t often talked about and quantified, the organization isn’t analyzing them. As a result, the impact is unclear, and the actions required to address any opportunities aren’t normally taken.


Spice Up Corporate Travel Management: 3 Travel Leadership Ingredients for Success

Travel_Leadership.jpgTop Notch service can mean different things to different people. For some, it’s a friendly smile and simple “thank you” from the drive thru window. For others, it’s the service person that goes the extra mile when installing your latest kitchen appliance. At a travel management company (TMC), great service has evolved into Travel Leadership, which results in saving companies thousands of dollars in their travel budget; or making sure employees get home safely in the midst of an unexpected crisis while traveling.

Here at MacNair Travel, we talk a lot about travel leadership vs. travel management, and have found that when we take the opportunity to lead our clients through the travel management process, great things happen. Effective leadership in travel is proactive, not reactive. It involves assessing options and potential opportunities. At the core of highest caliber service, you will always find strong leadership.