Create Your Profile

GetThere Customers

MacNair is currently in the process of migrating all of the GetThere online booking sites to the latest platform. This migration will be completed for all customers by February 15.

GetThere Users can create profiles instantly, and update them in real time from any internet browser. Note that you will need a corporate ID and password specific to your organization in order to create a new traveler login.

If you are a Get There User with an Existing profile please note that you will have to input your user ID as all upper case in order to login to the new tool.

Click here to enter the GetThere portal to login or create a new profile.

Or: Use our Basic Web Form, which will be transmitted via e-mail to our Perfect Profile Action Team

Click Here for Our Basic Web Form

Concur Customers

If your organization uses Concur’s Travel and Expense Solution, your profile will need to be created through the Expense Tool. Contact your expense manager or travel manager

If your organization uses Concur’s Travel Solution only, your profile can be created through the self registration tool or through a request to your organization’s travel manager.  Contact your travel manager for instructions.

Once your profile has been created, you will need to activate it in order to book travel.  This video will show you how to activate/update your profile with your personal information. 

The Travel Management Diagnostic Scorecard
Travel Management Process Assessment