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MacNair Travel Management is proud to be a licensee of iBank, the industry's premiere Travel Management Reporting Tool.  iBank, a web enabled application from Cornerstone Information Systems, is a dynamic, secure, password-protected online reporting system.  Once registered, users can view, print and share reports of travel purchases.  iBank has both detailed and summary reports focusing on air, hotel, car, and professional consulting fee transactions.

And best of all, it's free.  MacNair Travel's corporate client accounts enjoy unlimited use of iBank at no charge.
For usability, convenience, and flexibility, no other online reporting tool comes close.

To learn more about iBank, check out our Quick Start Guide here.

To register with us as an iBank user, contact our Finance and Administration Department here:

iBank Version5

We have recently upgraded to iBank Version5 (or V5 for short). Here are the key points that you need to know about the update:

  • The version update includes changes only to the interface. The screens that you will use to set up the parameters for each report will be different than they were in the previous version of iBank.  They look different, are less cluttered, and have some new capabilities that will save you time.
  • However, only the interface has changed. There have been no changes to the titles of the reports, no changes to the formats that the reports will take when generated, and there have been no changes made to the data over which the reports run.
  • So, during this migration, you will need to learn to use the new interface.
  • If you have programmed “User-Defined” reports in iBank, they will still be available in V5.
  • If you have created “Broadcast” reports (those are the ones that iBank runs automatically on a recurring schedule and emails to you), those broadcasts will be unaltered when you are migrated to V5.
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