Corporate Travel

Corporate travelers and managers across the world know that business travel is not only inconvenient and expensive (representing the second largest expense for the average U.S. organization), but its complexities are boundless.  That is why it makes no sense to do it alone. Managers cannot let everyone in their organization do their own thing.  This will result in travel anarchy, not travel management. There has to be a straight-forward, cost effective solution.  So where do travelers and organizations turn for help?

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Association Travel

We have been Association and Membership Organization Specialists since our founding in 1989. Association and membership organizations have unique travel needs and requirements. There are unique opportunities associated with board, committee, staff, speaker and member travel that are quite different from managing travel for the average US company. Why not work with a specialist?  MacNair Travel has the tools, experience and personnel to address and leverage all these types of travel ensuring enhanced value, support, control and productivity. Since our founding, we have been headquartered in Alexandria, VA (a Washing DC suburb) which is a hotbed of our nations association headquarters.  Since then,  MacNair has worked with hundreds of associations and membership organizations around North America developing a unique set of products and useful expertise that helps Association and Membership organizations more effectively run their businesses.

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Contractor Travel

Government Contractor Experts. Contractors have unique travel requirements. Compliance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and its Parts and Sub-parts related to travel is complex and includes operational, contractual, and financial factors. Whether it is compliance with the Fly America Act, conformity with the Federal and Joint Travel Regulations (per diem structures), prime and sub-contrator obligations, or unique accounting requirements and documentation, MacNair has the experience to help you develop the policies and practices to stand up to the most rigorous DCAA review. Additionally, we know different policies may apply for direct and indirect travel, overhead and staff travel, group travel and sub-contractor travel. MacNair has the tools, experience and options to address and leverage all of these types of travel to ensure value, support, control and productivity – delivering what we call “Travel Leadership”. These efforts take the expertise and tools that MacNair is known for in supporting the complexity inherent in   government contractor travel. MacNair is well equipped to provide this support and is consistently saving these organizations 10-20% over the national averages.

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