Effective Travel Procurement Made Easy

Anyone can book a ticket these days. However, it takes a great deal of expertise to understand how to manage Travel & Entertainment costs (the second largest controllable cost for the average US organization) in the most efficient and effective fashion. Full time travel managers know the secrets and are seeking great partners to fulfill their organization’s vision with great tools and support. We have those. For many of our customers, they must wear many hats. They juggle finance, meetings management, office management, and more; they need to receive help understanding how to take control of this line item, ensure the best service, deliver value, and ramp up a program that works for an organization their size and in their industry. Many are struggling with how to manage these costs more effectively while creating a new process for T&E management that help accelerate their business success. Some of the most unique types of business have come to us for advice and direction, and then fulfillment. Our client list includes national presidential campaigns, membership organizations, law firms, speakers bureaus, government contractors, and VIP clients from all walks of life.


While many of our competitors may call themselves a Travel Agency (with a concentration on retail ticketing), or a Travel Management Company (responding only to what the client thinks they want), we aim to define a new type of travel organization called a Travel Leadership Consulting Firm who not only listens to the needs of its customers but shows their customers how to they can consider thinking differently to create a new way to solve their issues and maximize the key benefits of successful travel procurement strategies that include:

  1. Support- Systems development, trip planning 24/7, supplier advocacy, disruption management, VIP services and more.
  2. Savings- Unbiased access to legacy, web, low-cost carrier, preferred supplier (yours and a TMC’s) deals. Enforced policy and selection monitoring.
  3. Productivity- Well supported call-in and on-line reservations, time-saving change management and data management.
  4. Control- Data collection and assessment, procurement process creation, employee tracking, policy enforcement, and expense monitoring.

Without a new process that maximizes these benefits, organizations cannot predict what their travel expenses and resulting impact with be. They have waste, inefficiencies, and liabilities that they cannot quantify. Sound familiar?

While there are many tools that we have created on this website available to you at no obligation, the quickest way to jumpstart your progress is to schedule a free assessment. Click here to move that process forward.


The Secrets of Effective Business Travel Procurement