MacNair Travel Management is proud to be recognized by our industry and peers for our brand of Service Excellence. Following are some of our recent awards, accolades and success stories.

  • Alexandria Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year Award
  • GetThere Luminary Award 2006, 2007, & 2008
  • ASTA Best Travel Agent Practices Study Award
  • American Express Representative Excellence Award
  • Amtrak's Golden Spike Award
  • Holland America Premium Preferred Agency Award 
  • Norwegian Cruise Line Outstanding Sales Achievement Award 
  • Sabre Star Award 
  • United Airlines Travel Agency Partnership Top Performer Award 
  • American Express Vacations Best of the Best Award 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, & 2009



“Dana  McGinn personally handles the majority of the travel requests for Kaseman  personnel.  Often, these personnel are traveling to or transiting through dangerous  areas of the world, many times on last minute notice.  Her quick responses  and seemingly 24/7 availability help separate Kaseman from its competitors at  the Department of State. 

On February  21st, Dana received a phone call from one of our employees, who was calling in  a panic from Libya.  She works at the Embassy in Tripoli.  The  situation in Libya was quickly becoming untenable, and she was searching for a  way out.   Her neighborhood in Tripoli was subject to heavy gunfire  at night, and it was evident she was frightened.  To further complicate  the situation, she was trying to also evacuate her dog Zeus, a large German  Sheppard that is known as the unofficial mascot of the Embassy. 

Dana worked  with us, through numerous late night and early morning phone calls and  emails over the period of one week.  Multiple itineraries were set up, all  proving wasted effort as the Libyan government did not suitably protect the  airport and passengers were unable to enter the terminal.  Throughout all  of the back and forth, changing and canceling of itineraries, bad cell phone  connections and hastily written email communications, Dana was the calm in the  storm.  Knowing Dana was working on finding a solution in the wee hours of  the night reassured our employee that someone far away cared about her and her  safety and that is priceless.

Our  employee ultimately made her way out of Libya via ferry chartered by the US  Government, and Dana arranged for her travel home from Malta with her  dog.  I feel like Dana went above and beyond the call of duty in how she  handled this situation.  You all provide us with unmatched service, and I  am truly appreciative.”

“I just  wanted to take a moment to let you know that during my travel back to the US from Algiers,   Algeria, I was  cancelled and diverted multiple times.  I wound up in Chicago as I tried to make my way back to  Dulles.  I just wanted to advise that Dana   McGinn of MacNair Travel did her usual outstanding job  of assisting me throughout.  She made her herself completely available  (even though it was on her off days) for new reservations, cancellation  notifications and just sound advise.  She has helped me out of numerous  travel jams in the past and always does it a friendly and professional  manner.  Dana is a pleasure to work with and is a real value to the  Kaseman team.”


King  Abdullah University of Science and Technology
“I wanted  to thank you for Karen and Barry.  The two of them have been the winning  team for me after a bit of a slow start. I’m grateful to have them  working with me.  When I was working in the Travel Industry, we always  tried to make our contacts look good.  That is what they do for me.”



“I just  wanted to tell you how much I appreciated all the hard work and help you and  your team provided me during my recent trip to Nigeria  and Afghanistan.   On several occasions I contacted MacNair, during both official hours and off  hours and you were extremely helpful either rebooking or confirming  flights.  Despite bad phone connections, bad weather, and just plain  airport mayhem (Lagos),  you and your team really made the long and often confusing trek that much  easier.  Your ability to provide quick responses to my queries and most  importantly, quick solutions, was very comforting.  Many thanks.  I look forward to working with  you on future travel.”

“Tony....  this has been the best flight (and arrangements) I have ever had in five trips  to Kabul...   You pulled off a miracle especially with that overbooked flight from SFO.”


ASIS International

“Thank  you very much.  That was the most painless reservation experience I have  ever had and it took only 5 minutes.  Great working with a professional.”


The American Israel  Public Affairs Committee>

“Thanks!!! I am so glad you are always there. You  make this stuff so easy.”


American College of  Cardiology

“Yesterday  my flight home was delayed over two hours meaning I would miss my  connection.  The connection was also delayed because Dallas Airport  was all screwed up.  While in a long line I called MacNair and within minutes  the agent had me transferred to a US Airways flight going through Phoenix landing at the  same time as my original flight. They sent me an email confirmation, got  my seat assignment and it was bang bang. It was sort of perfect!”

American Association of Blood Banks

“I just  wanted to share what a great job MacNair travel did when my flight to Budapest was cancelled  due to the threatened Lufthansa strike the week before last.  Denise Lovell had several options already picked out  for me so that the trip did not have to be cancelled.  She worked  tirelessly until very late on Friday evening to make sure that I had an  alternative (which may have turned out to be better and less expensive than the  original plan).  I always find it  pleasant to work with both Denise and Kim.  Thought someone should know as  it seems we are always so quick to criticize these days, but don't always take  the time to comment on a job well done.”




“Very  professional and helpful.  Responded back right away when you need  help.”  Easily dealt with all the changes; they were great.”


“MacNair  did and awesome job, could not have done it without you.  Project was a  tremendous success and the customer (FBI) is very pleased. You were key to  making this a huge success.” 

“She was  answering my calls at night and on weekends, helping me with all my questions  and helping me work through the reports. She was just great.”


  “Jason, your presence and professionalism were  appreciated then and are appreciated now. My trip would not have worked, but  for your persistence, and you exemplify the reason that we at the U.S. Chamber  are pleased to do business at MacNair Travel."


 "I just wanted to take a moment to let you  know what a great job MacNair Travel Management has done and continues to do  for Skanska ID. I am typing this as I finish reading the latest email from Jo Anne Tarantino..............what a gem. She  wanted to check and make sure that Karl had gotten on a flight that I was sure  he would miss.....this email came from Jo Anne at 8:15 pm.......I often have to  remind myself that Karl and I are not her only clients. I can't tell you the  numerous times she has emailed me late into the evening and night with details  about an impending flight, etc. I truly appreciate all of her assistance. Jo  Anne has made our transition from our previous travel company to MacNair Travel  Management flawless."


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