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MacNair Travel Management, a Direct Travel company, was established in 1989 by Michael and Ellen MacNair. We are a national leader in the small and medium enterprise travel management market and with key verticals. The company has brought back the sometimes lost art of service excellence, leading a transformation in how those who manage the T&E line item and their teams approach and experience corporate, meeting, and personal travel.


The Essential T&E Management Process Guide


Our educational materials make us leaders in not only fulfilling the Travel and Entertainment requirements of our customers, but helping Travel Managers and Procurement Professionals understand how to define and acquire great results - making this second largest controllable expense a driver for their business success. Here is what makes us different:


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MacNair's 10 Point Travel Management Process

Business Process Analysis and Re-Engineering Versus simple Account Management. We are more than just a Travel Management Company and set a higher standard by delivering to our clients what we call Travel Leadership Consulting. Travel Leadership Consulting was built from a demand by our customers for true travel procurement leadership to map and re-engineer this business process for success. Our Solutions Development Team and Account Managers proactively use tools like our 10 Point Travel Management Ecosystem to deliver higher performance for our customers in four key areas: lower costs, improved control, enhanced productivity, and dependable support. Quality and consistency is led by ascertaining clear expectations, defining goals, creating process maps, focusing on continuous process improvement, and executing the right project plan with proper training and communication using the industry’s finest tools and people. MacNair offers the most advantageous Account Manager to volume ratios in the business ensuring superior plan implementation, maintenance,  development, and results.


MacNair provides a comprehensive set of options for corporate travel management

Savings Superiority. Delivered via a commitment to providing the widest range of legacy airline, low cost carrier, web, corporate, and third party rates and fares around the globe and in the business. Fully leveraging a combination of the GDS, third party rate search tools, and manual rate desk intervention, we provide the widest range of considerations directing travelers to the right rate and itinerary decisions in an unbiased fashion. This comprehensive set of options, combined with your and our superior deals (secured from our, your and Direct Travel’s leverage), agreed upon policy enforcement, and the use of pre trip approval for exceptions delivers results that are consistently 10-20% lower than national averages.  Our low fare guarantee puts our commitment to value in writing.




Download The Secrets of Effective Business Travel Procurement

Informative and Educational. An educate consumer is also our best customer. As such, it has been our passion to develop informative education tools such as our book “the Secrets to Successful Travel Procurement”, webinars, and our blog . The challenge with most complex purchases these days is not knowing what you could and should want and expect. By delivering to the world this knowledge we are able to partner with customers and evolve their systems using the right systems and philosophies to secure the absolute best results.

Innovative tools expertly applied. MacNair provides innovative tools and services that are not only evaluated and confirmed to be the best in class, but are expertly applied and leveraged with in depth knowledge of their capabilities and your goals to customize a unique solution.  

Experience and expertise. We have learned and grown by having supported hundreds of organizations of all types. From Presidential Campaigns to Membership Organizations, Technology Companies, Law/PR Firms, Universities and Government Contractors, we have developed success stories and unique tools for our verticals. These tools have included systems to better manage online and call in travel for associations and government contractors (staff and non-staff), specialized reports to help comply with the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FTR & JTR) including the Fly America Act, group management systems and technology applications, a customized support application created especially for MacNair customers, service extras tracking systems to guarantee that expectations are not simply met AND exceeded, as well as out of the box data collection and policy enforcement capabilities.

Recognition. We have been recognized as trusted advisors, industry innovators, and thought leaders by our customers, our industry, and media sources. We have received both the Sabre “Star Award” and GetThere’s “Luminary” awards for our innovation in leveraging these industry tools in the marketplace. In addition our industry trade association ASTA recognized the MacNair team for its fare search innovation. We have provided quotes, articles, and guest appearances for CNN, Forbes Magazine, the Washington Post, local news channels, Meetings & Conventions Magazine, the Global Business Travel Association, and more. We have written a book on the subject of Travel Procurement distributed on Amazon.com. We are a respected source for innovation and we hope that as your partners you will consider us the same.

People Power = Service Excellence. None of this would be possible without the best people - and we have, find, and make them. We utilize the business world’s leading tools and philosophies to build the best staff and make our organization a “Great Place to Work.” We utilize tech tools like Taleo to recruit the best, employ the “Top-Grading” philosophy to determine the best, a well-defined Performance Management Process to manage the best, and an internal reward system to recognize the best.  We operate with a no call center model with 24/7 support and dedicated agents working within small “service clusters” ensuring the most favorable customer to agent and company to Account Manager ratios. Our size and commitment ensures a committed face and expert support behind every aspect of our service package (online, reporting , Account Management, technology tool,  group travel, vacation, disruption management, and more). Our service level guarantees defined within our Service Excellence Agreements stretch to overall service, responsiveness, low cost, and program management commitments that make us the best at our business.

These unique attributes (the Right Approach, Right People, Right Systems, and Right Technologies) consistently deliver the “Right Results” to our valued customers. For additional information and background on MacNair’s team and services please email me at mmacnair@macnairtravel.com.

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