Delayed_Flight.jpgWinter is upon and us and the world doesn’t seem like its getting any safer. The travel system can be easily impacted in a significant way by disruptions like we have seen over the past few months. Those who are prepared will remain as safe as possible and will avoid hassles where possible. Looking forward into the first quarter, here is what you need to know and do to ensure your travelers avoid any disruptions that may come their way:

    1. Know that we have tools like the Sabre Travel Security Suite to track and monitor your travelers and we will be proactive in advising what is reported. I am sure you have all been at a gate where you know the flight is going to be delayed and the gate agent stalls in reporting it. We are all dependent on good data. That said, the data is as good as it has ever been.

    2. Consider that we do receive waivers from the airlines during major disruptions when they decide to provide them to cancel or change trips with no penalties.

    3. Recommend that your travelers should download TripCase or TripIt itinerary management tools so that mobile notifications and support will be provided to your road warriors. If you are unclear on what this is, contact your Account Manager.

    4. Encourage your rogue travelers who are booking outside of your travel management system that they should get on board with the travel program in place because without your TMC, they will be on their own. Remind them and have them and your leadership consider the consequences and adjust policy changes.

    5. Remind your team where our after hours emergency number is on their itinerary.

      6 Actions to Take to Avoid Travel Disruptions & Safety Issues to Start 2016
    6. Make sure your team books their entire trip with us - air, hotel, car, etc. When they do we can change and cancel every part of the trip when disruptions occur. It doesn’t cost you any more with us to book and change either just an air ticket or an air ticket, hotel reservation and car itinerary so get the most for your money. 

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